CleanTech helps your business be safe.

Our clients understand that a clean workplace means healthier employees and reduced sick leave.

Disinfection specialists

We have the highest cleaning and disinfecting standards in the industry.

High employee standards

You can expect quality employees and great communication.

Trusted by Fortune 500s

CleanTech operates in many Fortune 500 Clients throughout the Twin Cities

Path to Achieving the Highest Standards

Our employees will always be one of the most important parts in helping to achieve the high quality of service that our customers have come to expect.

  • Employees are assigned permanently to your building.
  • All employees are recruited from within and are experienced professional cleaners.
  • Stable, strong employee foundation. CleanTech has the highest cleaning and disinfecting standards in the industry because of our training and low turnover.
  • Communication with our customers and immediate attention by staff and employees to anything that comes up.
  • Operations and training staff that have been together over 25 years.
We are the only company in town that hires from within. Your safety and security is in knowing our employees are hired by a unique proprietary CleanTech network of referrals. We have not run want ads in over 20 years. All employees are screened and verified by an outside organization before they can work in your building.

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Disinfecting in-action

One of our experts disinfecting and wearing PPE.

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Cleaning high-contact surfaces

Focusing on hot spots helps maximize our safety impact.

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Our electrostatic spray solution is proven to kill viruses and bacteria to keep you safe.

Specialists in Disinfecting and Decontamination

CleanTech has 35+ years of experience in disinfecting. We’ve developed service applications and techniques for millions of square feet of surface disinfection. We customize our program to best fit your facility's safety and cleaning goals.

CDC & EPA chemical compliance

We use professional hospital grade EPA-registered chemicals and products and strictly follow the CDC's guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your facility.

PPE and color-coded equipment

We use Personal Protective Equipment (gloves and masks at a minimum) and use color-coded rags and gloves to avoid cross-contamination.

Disinfectant focus on high-touch surfaces

Our trained CleanTech cleaners use a "Spray & Wipe" disinfecting technique according to CDC guidelines for tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks.

Our Services and Products

Our experienced management team is focused on providing the highest quality in the industry. Our quality control works to meet and exceed your cleaning and financial goals.

Janitorial & Specialty Services

We use Green Seal certified chemicals and equipment. Our Air Quality & Anti Bacteria Program is designed into our standard cleaning service to keep your employees healthier.

Air Quality Services to Remove Airborne Microbes

Remove airborne toxins and contaminants like bacteria, viruses, or fungi which can cause respiratory infections.

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning specialists have experience with up to 1 million square feet.

Carpet Cleaning

Professional certified carpet and upholstery cleaning and deoderizing.

Grout And Tile Restoration Cleaning

Restore the original appearance of the grout and tile with specialists trained with specialty chemicals and equipment.

Tile Refinishing

Strip and scrub and recoat using the highest quality finishes available for a beautiful floor.

Trained Disinfecting Specialists

Using electrostatic spray and electronic misting on all surfaces to remove COVID-19 and other harmful bacteria to keep your employees safe.

Product Offerings

We pride ourselves in our strong client partnerships to get you what you want, when you need it. We are your resource for products: anything and everything in your building.

Paper Products

We offer paper dispensers and paper products like toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

Soap & Soap Dispensers

We offer soap products and dispensers.

Light Bulb Replacements

Light bulb burnt out? We likely have the light bulbs you need.

Traffic Mats

Call about how to save significant money on the best traffic mat in the industry.

Assorted Products for Building Owners

We are a resource for you for products for anything and everything in your building.

Maintenance & Construction Services

We offer a variety of facility services, handyman services, painting, light bulb replacements, and more. Please contact us if you are interested and we can give you more detailed information.

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